30 APR 2019 / Author: Solarify
Compatibility With Fronius Inverters!

We've added a new one to our data logger compatibility portfolio, which includes Solar-Log, blue'Log and webdyn! All Fronius Datamanager 2.0 plants can be operated with Solarify without additional devices.


  • We have added the inverter performance graph. In this way, you can measure the efficiency of the inverter and compare different inverter types.
  • We added the String Heatmap chart. Based on the normalized values ​​of string currents, this graphic allows you to quickly and easily analyze problems at a glance, especially in power plants with central inverters.
  • In data logger communication alerts, we have added options to ignore data loggers whose data are normally interrupted at night.
  • You can also access the term help screen when editing a term.
  • In order to facilitate the navigation of the detail pages of the plants, we added the switchover feature without leaving the main menu.
  • We have now added the ability to access the Devices menu without entering data loggers and filter by data logger.
  • We have improved the performance of the inverter comparison alarm menu, the menu now works much faster.
  • We have made changes to all comparison alarm menus to improve the user experience. We can now set the bulk threshold and delay time.

Inverter scale factor settings, if sub-station is not selected, error occurs, it is now fixed. Term help screen is not working if there is no predefined term, it is now fixed.  
Sincerely yours.