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22 MAR 2019 / Author: Solarify
Our Medium Voltage Page is Online!

12. We are continuing our preparations for the launch at the Solarex fair.   In addition, we have updated our website, you can access detailed information about Solarify here.


  • We have added the medium voltage meter page where we can receive data via RTU (Wago, ABB, etc.). In this page, you can observe current and voltage harmonics, reactive, active and apparent powers, meter information and alarm according to the conditions.
  • We have added the medium voltage digital inputs page. In this page you can see the cell and station information, you can set the alarm according to the desired conditions.
  • Our system for Solar-log data logger is now compatible.
  • We have successfully tested the actual availability calculation and put it into use in our live systems. You can access our blog post on the subject.
  • We have added the term preview and help page, which will provide convenience for writing terms.
  • We have made the switchboard list page more useful.
  • In the device listing page, we have detailed the settings of the inverter and strings. This eliminates configuration differences and the complexity of different types of panels and inverters.
  • We have corrected the Turkish character problem of the file created on the export page.
  • In the Turkish language option, the new export button on the registered export page did not fit your interest, we have corrected it.
  • We have corrected the translation problem on the data logger insertion page.
  • The user was not asked when deleting the inverter comparison alarm rule, we have corrected.  
    See you with new news as soon as possible!

Sincerely yours.