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01 APR 2019 / Author: Solarify
See you at Solarex!

We invite you to our booth at the 12th Solarex Istanbul International Solar Energy and Technologies Fair, Hall: 10 No: A16, where we will introduce Solarify's artificial intelligence-based analysis module.  


  • The analysis page with Solarify artificial intelligence is out of the testing phase. You can examine the results in 2 different graphs on our analysis page. This feature completes the learning with real data over the real exchange and predicts what your exchange should produce under current conditions with an accuracy of 97% **.
  • In addition, Solarify, module (Inverter and string currents, if any) based on your plant learns, makes comparisons with high accuracy. According to these comparisons, it generates alarms in a very precise way. This minimizes the need for power-based thermal imaging and I-V curve measurement!
  • We have added inverter efficiency graph which can monitor inverter performance. According to this graph, you can monitor the input point energy of the inverter and the energy at the output point and see its performance.
  • We have brought the “merge” feature, which allows you to combine different device data into a single device. In this way, we have prevented data loss in case of device name changes or identification of different devices with different names.
  • Fixed translation errors.
  • The “help” icon on the medium voltage digital inputs page has been moved.

See you at Solarex!

Sincerely yours.