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24 JUN 2019 / Author: Solarify
Solarify Data Logger is online!

Our device, which can read many inverters, sensors and quality analyzers that are common in the market, can perform sampling and reporting in accordance with the standard of IEC 61724-1: 2017 , passed the test stages and started to land!

With Solarify Data Logger, our installation costs have decreased considerably. For further information please send an e-mail to


  • Analysis page that you define and save can be shown on the pages screen. In this way, you can easily follow your personal graphics on big screens.
  • You can add the terms to your personal alarm page, you can generate alarms according to your own conditions.
  • On the data recorder page, we've added the ability to list the missing data. In this way, which day and time you can easily follow the data.
  • The night screen feature has been added to the Pages screen. In this way, you will be able to study on big screens with less energy.
  • We have added multiple selection and application features when making scale settings in the Devices menu. This will enable you to make configuration changes very quickly in new plant installations or device structure changes.
  • We have added the ability to control data logger alarms at certain times, so you will not receive alarms from your data loggers that do not work at night.
  • We've added the clear idle alerts feature to standard alarms, which will automatically turn off when alarms from data sending devices are not turned off within the set time.
  • You can now configure the alarm settings collectively.
  • In case of 100+ device comparisons, alarm menus were slowing down, performance problems were solved and made faster.
  • In the term calculation screen, the retrospective term calculation performance problem is solved. You will now be able to have back-calculated data accumulated over the years in seconds.
  • There was a problem in the instantaneous energy display in the mobile application due to changes in the term calculations, it is now fixed.

Sincerely yours.