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18 FEB 2019 / Author: Solarify
Solarify was accepted to Limak Energy TEA Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program

We would like to share the good news we received today with the work we have done during the past week.

Launched in 2017 by Limak Energy, Türkiye’nin Enerji Akademisi (TEA) have been accepted into the innovation program! 🎉


  • Data export page has been added. You can download inverter, meter, sensor and defined term data in 5 minute resolution in CSV format in desired time interval, save the template you have prepared and then use it again.
  • User defined graphics page has been added. You can gather the general production graph of the power plants in your portfolio and inverter heat map on one page and place them as you wish.
  • Mobile alerts as a notification feature has been added to our mobile applications.
  • 4 different user authorization groups have been added: Administrator, Technician, Monitor and Investor.
  • In order to avoid crowds of e-mails for system alerts that may come from the data logger, the system has been developed to combine and send alerts in a single e-mail. The same system applies to our mobile notifications.
  • Performance improvement has been made in inverter heat map page.
  • Dynamic color annotation is added to the energy production graph.
  • While calculating the total installed power in the facility details page in the mobile application, the problem of including the power of virtual facilities has been solved.  
    See you with new news as soon as possible!

Sincerely yours.