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01 APR 2020 / Author: Hazal Demirok
Support Page Enabled!

In our main update, we have added support page to our system! Now, if you have any support requests or problems, you can quickly notify us via Solarify. The requests you create remain on this page in a list. In this way, you will be able to track your backward requests and results from here.



  • Spare Part page enabled. Now you can keep the devices (inverter, SCB, PV panel, radiation sensor, etc.) you keep as spare in the solar power plants and their numbers on Solarify.
  • Now, admin and manager accounts can change the problem start time of tickets opened by the technician account.
  • Performance ratio, irradiance and availability values are shown with '-' in the overview screen of power plants without radiation sensors and pyranometers.

Best Wishes,