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We are a team dedicated to create the best Monitoring Technology for Energy Industries, while providing them end to end solutions. Solarify is an AI Based Monitoring and Operation Management Platform that helps detecting performance problems with high precision and ease operational organizations of any kind of solar power plant.
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team-member-erkin-cakar member-shadow
Erkin Çakar linkedin
team-member-mustafa-ozan-tuncan member-shadow
Mustafa Ozan Tuncan linkedin
team-member-omer-gedikli member-shadow
Ömer Gedikli linkedin
Back-End Developer
team-member-refik-gunaydn member-shadow
Refik Günaydın linkedin
Product and Business Manager
team-member-hazal-demirok member-shadow
Hazal Demirok linkedin
Customer Experience and Marketing Manager
team-member-emre-eroglu member-shadow
Emre Eroğlu linkedin
Business Development and Operations Engineer
team-member-ecem-diker member-shadow
Ecem Diker linkedin
Marketing and Energy Projects Funding Supervisor
team-member-alp-erten member-shadow
Alp Erten linkedin
Front-End Developer
team-member-ilayda-ylmazcan member-shadow
İlayda Yılmazcan linkedin
UI/UX Designer
team-member-defne-ozlem-ak member-shadow
Defne Özlem Ak linkedin
Technical Support Engineer
team-member-ege-meric-erdogan member-shadow
Ege Meriç Erdoğan linkedin
DevOps Engineer
team-member-yunus-korkmaz member-shadow
Yunus Korkmaz linkedin
Automation Technician
team-member-ilayda-aydemir member-shadow
İlayda Aydemir linkedin
Accounting and Administrative Affairs Specialist
team-member-semih-armagan member-shadow
Semih Armağan linkedin
Operations Technician
team-member-gulser-koca member-shadow
Gülser Koca linkedin
Technical Support Engineer
team-member-kubra-oksuz member-shadow
Kübra Öksüz linkedin
Sales Engineer