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Why Solarify?

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Analysis With Artificial Intelligence

  • Solarify uses Artificial Intelligence to find degredations with 98% precision. No problem is missed with the help of Solarify prediction algorithm.
  • Solarify models each devices with real data and predicts their production with high accuracy, that is why you will never need an I-V curve measurement or thermal inpection for the entire power plant.

Smart Reporting

  • As monthly and annually, performance ratio calculation (temperature compensated) as per IEC 61724-1:2017 standard.
  • As monthly and annually, real availability calculation including every sub module.
  • Comparison of simulated production modified with real measured temperature and irradiance, with real production data as per IEC 61724-1:2017 comparison standards
  • Calculation of energy losses due to malfunctions and degradations using temperature compensated performance ratio as per IEC 61724-1:2017 standard.

Performance Analysis

  • Performance ratio and temperature compensated performance ratio calculation as per IEC 61724-1:2017.
  • Heatmaps for Inverters and String currents.
  • Customizable energy output node be it inverter output or energy quality analyser. Likewise, insolation and temperature nodes can also be customized
  • Simple and elegant design for displaying energy, irradiance, financial output, availability, CO2 emission prevented and performance ratio as per selected time period.

Elegant Monitoring

  • Standalone mobile application for IOS and Android.
  • Capability of complex calculations with term backbone which can also be historically calculated. These calculations may also be presented in overall portfolio view
  • Simple and elegant overall portfolio view. Possibility of monitoring entire portfolios in one page with summarized metrics as energy production, insolation, alarms and performance ratio calculation as per IEC 61724-1 standard.
  • Capability of creating virtual stations to display power plants as per request. Power plants can be divided as per inverter, solar panel type, owner etc.
  • Scalable and customizable charts page for monitoring war rooms.

FTP Push and Exporting

  • Capability of periodic FTP push for any FTP server.
  • Capability of exporting all variables and terms with selected power plants and devices to CSV file per minimum recording interval.
  • Separate exporting options for every page.

Alarm Management

  • Auto pre-configured alarm system
  • Comparison alarms for irradiation and temperature sensors
  • Comparison alarms for devices (inverters, strings, etc.) which use direct comparison methods with other devices to find anomalies and degradations
  • Comparison alarms for devices (Inverters, strings etc.) which use machine learning algorithms to find the anomalies and degradations.
  • Customizable alarms per user for any specific alarm request. For example complex term alarms or digital input alarms.
  • Capability of selecting users to be notified per alarm defined. Notifications of alarms are delivered to users with e-mail and mobile push notification.

Operations and maintenance management system (OMMS)

  • Mobile ready ticketing system for operations and maintenance management
  • Filtering and excel export for tickets.
  • Daily smart reporting system which feeds from tickets with predicted power loss calculation due to problems in solar power plant.
  • Capability of adding before and after photos and reporting of ticket related issues.
  • Measuring and reporting of o&m metrics like event occurrence time, ticket opening time, intervention time.

Low and Mid Voltage Monitoring

  • Detailed display of inverter current, voltage, energy production and frequency values for both AC and DC in one page.
  • Display of string currents.
  • Display of digital inputs from scada RTU (Wago, ABB, etc.)
  • Display of Mid Voltage variables (Active, Reactive and Apparent power, Current and Voltage Harmonics, etc.) from energy quality analyser or energy meter.

Compatibility and Flexible Structure

  • Easy integration with all devices which supports modbus Communication protocol (ABB, SMA, Kaco, Delta WSTech, Sungrow, Huawei, Goodwe, Fronius inverters and much more devices.
  • Compatibility with different types of dataloggers (Bluelog, Solarlog, Mavisis, etc.). Adaptable with other dataloggers on will
  • Totally customizable inverter and string settings. Total compliance with non-standard solar power plants.
  • 4 different types of authorization for users. Capability to grant permission per solar power plant to authorized users.


Common questions and answers

  • Which type of dataloggers does Solarify work?

    Besides from Solarify datalogger, We can work with all dataloggers which are able to transmit data. Currently, we are adapted to Solarlog, Bluelog and Mavisis and Webdyn.

  • Can I access Solarify anytime?

    We are using best cloud server services available. Under normal circumstances Solarify is available 7/24

  • Can I keep my own power plant data in my local server?

    Yes, you can transfer data to your own local server with Solarify periodic FTP Push capability

  • I wish to try Solarify with my Solar power plant, is it possible?

    Yes, without any obligation you can try Solarify for 30 days

  • Can someone else access my power plants data?

    No, your data will only be accessible by those who have authorization. Authorization may be limited to view only assigned solar power plants and its virtual power plants.

  • How many users can I authorize?

    You can authorize unlimited number of users.

  • Do you send alarms via sms?

    No, aside from e-mailing, alarms are also sent by push notification to mobile apps.

  • In my solar power plant there are multiple types of inverters and solar panels with different azimuth and angle. I wish to monitor these separately in one page, is it possible?

    Yes, with Solarify complex term infrastructure you can create virtual stations and monitor them as you wish.

  • I wish to monitor and set alarms for digital inputs and meter values at the mid voltage end, is it possible?

    Yes, Solarify can get these values from different types of SCADA RTU's (ABB, Wago, etc.)

  • I wish to limit some visible parts of the system to some authorized users. Is it possible?

    Yes, Solarify has 4 different types of users with different access levels.

  • Which devices does Solarify Datalogger communicate?

    Solarify Datalogger can communicate with all devices which supports Modbus communication protocol. We already have ABB, SMA, Kaco, Delta, WStech, Fronius, Sungrow, SMA, Huawei, Goodwe inverters; Janitza UMG 512 and Schneider ION energy quality analysers and Kernel string monitoring system in our portfolio. In addition to these, Solarify Datalogger supports multiple irradiation and temperature sensors producers such as Kipp & Zonen, Hukseflux and Ingenieurbüro Mencke & Tegtmeyer.

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