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We met with Solarify about 6-7 months ago, and in this process, we encountered a nice team which is focused on customer satisfaction, open to innovative ideas, trying to find solutions to every problem quickly. Solarify's some features such as artificial intelligence solutions, heat map pages that help quickly identify problems in the field, and ticketing page have greatly increased the efficiency of our solar power plant even in this short period of time. In this sense, we hope that our cooperation will continue for many years, and we thank the valuable team for their support.

We met the Solarify team about 2 years ago. Their control at work and their approach to customers have been our reason for preference. It is a great advantage that the system is easy to understand, and you can edit it the way you prefer.

It is a very suitable platform for gathering systems that have more than one and different structures like ours. In addition, it detects the errors by offering MPPT and string-based monitoring without requiring additional investment. Especially after we started using Solarify, we minimized our panel-specific errors. In this way, we both reduced our maintenance-repair costs and increased our availability.

I would definitely recommend the Solarify platform, which we have been using for about 1 year, especially to all businesses with multiple solar power plants. The collection of all data of our power plants on a single platform not only provides ease of operation but also saves time. Our customers are also happier since our business quality has increased. I would also like to thank the support team for their immediate response to all our questions.

Before choosing the Solarify monitoring system, we were trying to monitor energy production, unaware of energy production failures and other factors. After installing the Solarify monitoring system, the fastest transfer of malfunctions and system errors to the user with the mobile application, and the fact that the Solarify technical support team does not leave us alone in these situations ensures that the energy production continues uninterrupted. I can easily deal with my own business during the day because I trust SOLARIFY.

Solarify monitoring systems produced by the Loggma emerged at a time when there were completely foreign players in the field of "electricity generation from solar energy", which is a new sector for our country, and fully meets the needs of domestic investors. While minimizing your possible loss with the artificial intelligence-based system, it will also provide convenience in terms of operation and maintenance. There is nothing like working with a technical team that produces fast solutions to your demands with its experience and engineering capabilities.

Before I started using the Solarify remote monitoring system, I wasted a lot of time tracking daily productions and the results I received were very different from the actual values. After I started using Solarify, the time I spent on tracking decreased and the results I had are the same as the real values. Thanks to its simple user interface, I can see all the data I require instantly. Also, since it has a mobile application, I can follow it from anywhere. The technical support team is incredibly knowledgeable and does their job well. I recommend it to all businesses that care about productivity tracking.

In October 2020, our cooperation with Loggma started to monitor our Mavisis devices working in the SPPs, as Turkey's first domestic inverter manufacturer. I think that the practical and useful monitoring system offered by Solarify is very useful in terms of remote control of solar power plants. We are very satisfied with the support and service provided by the technical support and software departments to our requests. Solarify remote monitoring systems are developing day by day and I believe that it will continue its service to its users in the best way.