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25 MAR 2021 / Author: Ecem Diker
100% compatibility with every device in Solar Power Plants

Today, many studies are carried out both regionally and globally in the process of combating climate change. During these studies, it is seen how important and valuable renewable energy is. However, in the process of generating energy using renewable energy sources, the system must be working efficiently. Various monitoring systems have been developed to monitor and control this process. Solarify, which emerged with the R&D studies, carried out to maximize efficiency by taking this matter as a reference; "Can my solar power plant produce the energy it needs to produce ?". While Solarify uses technology at the highest possible level, it also makes a difference in data security and information security with end-to-end encryption. In addition, the solar power plants (SPP) remote monitoring system provides 24/7 data flow with instant reporting and performance analysis. If we take a closer look at the technical features of Solarify; you can easily access many summary information such as the performance ratio and availability calculation of the power plant, the amount of radiation on the field, and the heat map of the production performance of inverters or strings on the production map. It is possible to display all graphics of inverter data on a single page. Beyond a remote monitoring system, Solarify also simplifies operation management. Through the ticketing page, it is possible to manage the actions to be taken regarding the switchboard and to quickly and easily access the reports created by Solarify as a result of the actions taken. Solarify, with its plug & play data logger, works in harmony with all types of inverters, meters, sensors and analyzers brands and models in Solar Power Plants. As it is known, “inverters'' are devices that convert direct current to alternating current. In order for these devices to be monitored remotely, there must be a compatible communication infrastructure and data logger. Solarify can work in harmony with major inverter brands in the industry. For example, we actively monitor inverter brands such as Kaco, ABB, Fimer, SMA, Sungurd, SolarEdge, GoodWe, Solo, Delta, Friem, Huawei, REFUsol, WSTech, Socomec, Fronuis, LTi.