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08 FEB 2022 / Author: Ecem Diker
2021 Future Risks Report

According to the 2021 Future Risks Report; the issue of climate change, which fell to the second rank due to the coronavirus pandemic, which affected the whole world, rose to the first rank again after a year. Digitalization, which has gained a great development as a result of the effects of the pandemic, has brought cyber security risks to the second place.

According to this report;

  • Young people, the group that cares most about environmental risks, state that environmental risk is not limited to the climate crisis.
  • The perception of risk differs according to the conditions of the geography.
  • People are concerned about their health, such as the pandemic, as well as chronic disease and long-term exposure to harmful substances.
  • People feel vulnerable to future risks due to issues such as epidemics and infectious diseases, risks posed by technology.

It seems that efficient energy production will gain momentum with digitalization, and it will bring various question marks to mind about cyber security. Despite all this, the contribution of digitalization in energy to technology, as well as its economic contributions, is undeniable. A new concept that entered our lives with digitalization in energy was digital twin technology.

Digital twin is a structure that contains an archive of information such as drawing, modeling, invoicing, engineering analysis, production data, where enterprises such as companies, facilities, etc. can be monitored in a virtual environment.

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The most important feature of this innovative solution is that the possible risks, in case the real-life facility suffers any damage, can be observed in the digital twin. Also, it contributes to the energy sector mostly.

Let’s give an example to this:

  • Maintenance of wind turbines becomes predictable thanks to this technology and the process can be carried out without any failures. Thus, the turbines do not need to be stopped and the investor does not suffer any losses.

With digitalization, efficiency-increase becomes possible as it will be possible to obtain fast and accurate analysis, reduce production, distribution and end-user costs.

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