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21 NOV 2018 / Author: Solarify
5 features that distinguish Solarify SPP performance monitoring system from conventional monitoring systems

1. Gathering different power plants into one platform

Solarify Solar Power Plants performance monitoring system gathers all your plants on a single platform regardless of the inverter brand. You can follow your entire portfolio at a glance and quickly access summary information. You can create upper and lower refractions on the general view screen, you can partition the plants to investor, inverter type, panel type and even completely arbitrarily, you can only show those parts. In addition to segmentation, you can combine the power plants into a superstructure as you wish and access all the information at once. You can easily do all this from the personalized term display.

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2. Customizable alarms

Solarify Solar Power Plants performance monitoring system offers customizable alarm service as well as alarms from the inverter. These alarms are; --Performance comparison between inverters --Performance comparison between string --Performance comparison between sensors --Radiation-controlled inverter production alarm for the detection of grid interruptions --Data alarms for data interruptions It can be listed in the form. Thanks to its customizable interface, Solarify also allows the user to create his own alarms. These alarms can be limited by the limit value and limit time desired by the user. Although these alarms are seen in detail on the monitoring screen, they can be sent to the desired users by e-mail.

3. Compatibility with all data loggers

Solarify is compatible with all data loggers as long as data arrives. Thanks to its dynamic infrastructure, it can operate in non-standard power plants without any problems, and it has the feature to display the incoming data as desired.

4. Summary screen that can be given to the TV screen for investors

Thanks to its simple design, you can easily see the gains of your solar power plant on television screens. This display along with the IEC 61724-1 standard data rate calculated in accordance with performance, power generated from the desired point and thus the financial gain and blocked CO² release by Turkey standards are calculated.

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5. Improved elbow contact with the SaaS model

The Loggma team is in constant contact with its customers. In line with the feedbacks, updates and improvements are made continuously in the Solar energy performance monitoring system. However, 99.99% availability is guaranteed, as long as data arrives, except planned maintenance work.