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28 FEB 2020 / Author: Solarify
Digital Transformation with Solarify

In the global market, where the concepts of energy efficiency and renewable energy are increasingly important, as Solarify, we add value to your investments and maximize energy efficiency thanks to SPP Remote Monitoring Systems.

As a result of the intensive use of energy needs day by day, the demand for alternative energy sources has increased. The increase in question has brought the efficient use of these resources to a very important point for both investors and individuals. As Solarify, we ensure that you keep your power plants under control 24/7 with the SPP Remote Monitoring System, which we have successfully completed for you.

How Does?

SPP Remote Monitoring System

Solarify, which emerged with the R&D studies carried out to maximize efficiency; It aims to answer the questions of investors such as “Can my solar power plant produce the energy it needs to produce?”. While using this technology in the highest level possible, Solarify also makes a difference in data security and information security with end-to-end encryption.

Solarify SPP remote monitoring system, which is an important digital transformation in terms of reducing operating costs and using economic resources more efficiently, plays a serious role in creating value with its versatile advantages.

Seeing as an opportunity to make human life increasingly easier thanks to mobile devices, applications and artificial intelligence, Solarify aims to both increase the utilization rate of renewable energy and perform digital transformation successfully. Thanks to the fact that many calculations and planning can be carried out through artificial intelligence, account errors are eliminated. Moreover, SPP remote monitoring system provides 24/7 data flow with instant reporting and performance analysis.

Solarify in Solar Istanbul!

As Solarify, we make great efforts to deliver digital transformation to more investors while closely following the sectoral developments. In this sense, Solarify will perform participation in Solar Istanbul which is one of largest solar trade fair in Turkey. Solarify waiting for investors who would like to get information about SPP remote monitoring and digital conversion! Our team, which specializes in SPP remote monitoring, will inform you about everything and will also help you to your investments!