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10 NOV 2022 / Author: Ecem Diker
How Can We Reach the Net Zero?

There are two important steps to be made when looking at the research done to combat the climate crisis. The first phase is to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030, and the second is to completely zero them by 2050. In this article, we will talk about the definition of Net Zero, why it is important, and what can be done to achieve this goal.

The concept of net zero in its simplest definition:

It means that the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere and the amount that is cleared from the atmosphere are equal. When this target is achieved, harm to the environment through carbon will be prevented. Although it works this way in theory, in practice it is not possible to talk about a scenario where carbon emissions are completely zero. However, when the necessary applications are carried out, it will be possible to end the emissions that occur arbitrarily and to compensate for the obligatory. Thanks to the policies and various standards to be determined by the countries, it will be much easier to step into a sustainable future with Net Zero.

It is extremely important to minimize the damage to the world due to carbon emissions. Because if the emissions that cause climate change continue to be kept at their current level, it is predicted that the critical temperature threshold will exceed 1.5C in the coming years.

Although carbon emissions pose serious threats to our world, the fact that many countries are aware of this crisis is an advantage to take action to compensate. The final date to reach the net zero target globally has been set as 2060. Various laws are being prepared to take action for this purpose. There are even countries that act on the issue. Of course, it is not only the regulations prepared by the country's policies that are responsible for this. Due to the policies covering the private sector, companies are also obliged to take the necessary steps for this goal.

Of course, the economic conditions of every country are not strong enough to adapt to the Net Zero target. It seems that these countries will continue to carry out their work without implementing practices that will reduce carbon emissions. Under these conditions, it brings the question to mind such as: “Is it the country's problem or a global problem that this country cannot renew its industry because its economic conditions are not good?”.

However, leaving this responsibility to the countries and stepping aside would be a behavior that will not support reaching a sustainable future. At this point, it is useful to consider what can be done individually. Rearranging the habits of daily use and social life in this area and turning to sustainable and renewable energy sources may seem small at first, but in the long term, it will create significant positive results.