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01 JUL 2020 / Author: Refik Günaydın
Importance of Communication Infrastructure in Solar Power Plant Monitoring Systems

We are in a transformation. The technology development rate, which changes from year to year, can be reduced to months, weeks or even days. The pace of every sector, even every company, to adapt to this change is different. It is a pity that there are also those who do not want to participate in the adaptation process ... But the change cannot be denied!

There is a saying I like which is exactly about this subject;

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most adaptable to change.

We transfer Solarify to the sector as the 4th generation in the field of solar power plant monitoring systems. We are aware of the change. Beyond the software where variables such as current, resistance, voltage, harmonics, and frequency of a solar power plant are shown, predictive artificial intelligence analyzes, alarms, graphics, performance ratios based on the existing variables are calculated, and the availability ratio is calculated and extracted. We try to give the necessary content to the user to transfer the most accurate and systematic data and to operate the solar power plant more efficiently. However, in order for these data to be transferred in the most accurate way, we say that solar power plant communication infrastructure work of our current technology should be in accordance with engineering metrics.

I would like to mention a few items about the applications that should be done in order to create a correct SPP monitoring metric;

The angle of the irradiation sensor: The tilt and azimuth angle values of the existing radiation sensors in the plant must be the same as the PV module tilt and azimuth values in order to compare the amount of radiation falling on the solar power plant with energy production and create an accurate performance ratio.

Cable selection: The use of cat6 cables over long distances and the fact that the cable used is liycy cable is very important in order not to interfere in communication against environmental factors.

Installing the cable to the board: When connecting the communication cables to a data logger, it is very important to ground the cable shield and use surge arrester in the assembly line.

Cabling and panning operations: One of the biggest mistakes is to pull communication cables together with dc energy cables. DC cables can create an electric field and interfere with the communication cable passing through it. The use of a separate pan line for the communication cable and the use of thin corrugated pipes for the cable to pass under the ground are among the important items in order not to damage the cable and prevent communication breaks.

On the side of the solar power plant monitoring system, we briefly mentioned some of the deficiencies, mistakes made and actions to be taken in the communication line. We are now one step closer to creating the right metrics by getting healthier data from your solar power plants.