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16 FEB 2023 / Author: Bilge Sinan
Is energy efficiency possible at every point where energy is produced and consumed?

The ever-increasing energy consumption and energy costs in the world for the last 25 years have made it necessary to produce more efficient energy in hospitals, airports, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and production facilities and to consume the existing energy most appropriately.

Worldwide, the fact that there is not enough ready energy source to meet the expected increase in demand and the negative effects of fossil fuels, which are widely used today, show us that global energy consumption, which is expected to increase by 70% until 2045, is not possible. [Tony Hunt (2019), Power Management for a Changing World.] At this point, efficiency should be sought at every point where energy is produced and consumed, and the existing energy should be consumed with minimum loss and maximum gain.

So where to start this quest?

First of all, for a healthy solution, it is necessary to pinpoint the problem with an accurate measurement, monitoring, and analysis study. With the ever-developing technology, software, artificial intelligence, and intelligent algorithm systems are spreading rapidly in every field that human intelligence cannot reach. In the production and consumption of renewable energy, these technologies should be optimized and used most efficiently, because, with the increasing consumption, the main purpose is “To consume the existing energy most efficiently”.

Energy efficiency is the productivity and comfort that users need, at less cost, by creating less difficulty on infrastructure and resources. This solution is a cheaper, faster, and cleaner option compared to others, that is, it is the best solution to this environmental and energy dilemma. Acknowledging that there is a huge untapped potential for energy efficiency, countries are increasingly turning to policies that will encourage climate-friendly buildings. Renewable energy production and consumption are becoming more common and cost-effective with this orientation.

In response to these orientations, the way we manage energy is changing. Power distribution is getting more digital, helping transform smart buildings and factories. With less tolerance for downtime and more ambitious efficiency and sustainability goals, organizations are looking for smarter tools delivered by new digital power architectures. Some data, which are more complex and sensitive to manage manually, offer faster and more effective analyses to their consumers through the most convenient platform, in the simplest ways, with smart power systems.

Just at this point, Enerify is of great importance as it is a system that will analyze the measurements correctly and present them to the user.

Enerify is a smart energy monitoring system that analyzes data from every point where energy is consumed and produced on a single platform and facilitates the energy management of the portfolio. After the energy consumption data is collected, these data are stored in our secured cloud system. The necessary efficiency analyses are made and presented through our user-friendly application and web platform.

So, what kind of benefits do these analyses offer to the user?

One of the biggest goals of Enerify with its high-resolution monitoring feature is to ensure minimum loss in consumption and maximum gain in production while preventing future losses. In addition, thanks to the high-performance algorithms and smart metrics that form the basis of our platform, smart production, and consumption analyses meet with the user with a single touch. Enerify can be used by industrial and retail businesses, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, banks, and different buildings.

Enerify not only analyzes existing production and consumption data but also helps to prepare a renewable and sustainable ground for the future by supporting energy efficiency for every structure in which it is used.

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