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20 APR 2022 / Author: Ecem Diker
Operations Technician

We are looking for operation technician colleagues to support the communication infrastructure commissioning in power plant projects.


  • Graduate of Vocational High School / Vocational School Automation or Electrical Electronics Department,
  • No travel restrictions
  • Active driving,
  • Strong communication skills, target oriented,
  • Able to work in a busy schedule
  • Have a high awareness of occupational safety,
  • Able to use Microsoft Office programs,
  • To be trained in the field of communication,
  • Open to learning about communication systems,
  • Having knowledge of the automation structure of solar power plant equipment,
  • Open and willing to learn about RTU and TCP-IP communication protocols


  • Installation of communication lines suitable for the project at energy production and consumption points and commissioning them with existing devices.
  • Portal registration of commissioned devices,
  • Extraction of the communication topology of the project to be proposed
  • Providing solutions to technical problems from users,
  • Ability to manage the operation in coordination with the office staff and the field.

How to Apply?

Send your resume to: