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22 MAR 2022 / Author: Ecem Diker
Ready To Meet Us Again ?

Our adventure, which is started with Solarify in 2018, evolves into a structure that offers digital solutions to every field of energy with more than one product!

In addition to our first product, Solarify designed for solar power plants, we have gathered all our products that serve on the consumption or production side of energy, under the roof of "Loggma Digital Energy Solutions"!

Let's take a look at our new product, which we see as the symbol of our transformation.⬇️


Meet Enerify; the newest of our product range, where we respond to all needs from monitoring a power plant to controlling a hybrid plant, from energy consumption of factory production lines to calculating the company's carbon footprint!

With Enerify, our Energy Monitoring, Analysis and Business Management Platform, all your portfolio data is now on a single platform! So What Do We Provide ?

Efficiency Improvement

  • Minimum loss in consumption, maximum gain in production with its high resolution monitoring capability.

Smart Energy Analysis

  • High-performance algorithms in production and consumption analysis with smart metrics.

Automatic Maintenance Management

  • Automatic management of O&M process that increase the efficiency of your assets.

Mobile App & Web Platform

  • Unique experience with dynamic and user-friendly interface.

For more information, you can visit our website or you can contact us.