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15 MAR 2019 / Author: Solarify
Solarify Accepted to Limak Energy TEA Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program

We were accepted by Turkey's first private entrepreneurship acceleration program that focused on the energy sector, Limak Energy TEA Innovation Program with Solarify, a SPP remote monitoring system with artificial intelligence.

Limak Energy which has a long history and experience launched Turkey's Energy Academy Project. Within the scope of this project, Solarify, which is also accepted by the first Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program created for the energy sector, is directed towards a stronger development infrastructure.

Increasing worldwide interest in more active use of natural energy resources also leads to an increase in investment, research and development processes in this area. The requirements that arise in parallel with the increase in the investments made in this field in our country require the development in many fields. For this purpose, Loggma came to life as a software enterprise that produces artificial intelligence software for the SPP (solar power plant). Our team, which was created in order to produce products with high added value in the field of energy and to increase our contribution rate as a country in this field, as well as to contribute to the goal of exporting these products abroad, continues to move forward on this path with sure and rapid steps.

Rapidly increasing investment in Solar Power Plant in Turkey, has focused on the need to practice consists of various software needs. Our intensive studies in the fields of controlling these power plants, preventing energy losses and working more efficiently have enabled us to obtain a product that works at world standards.

Solarify is a software that offers the advantage of collecting different solar power plants on a single platform, offering a convenient interface and usage feature for investors or industrial SPP owners as well as personal use. Our initiative, which continues to work on software needed in this field, such as Solar Power Plant remote monitoring and artificial intelligence and analysis program Solarify, continues to create new added values for our country.