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08 JUN 2020 / Author: Refik Günaydın
Solarify; an artificial intelligence-based performance monitoring platform for solar power plants

Solarify, which emerged with the R&D studies carried out to maximize efficiency; It aims to answer the questions of investors such as "Can my solar power plant produce the energy it needs to produce?". While using this technology in the highest level possible, Solarify also makes a difference in data security and information security with end-to-end encryption.Thanks to the fact that many calculations and planning can be carried out through artificial intelligence, account errors are eliminated. Moreover, SPP remote monitoring system provides 24/7 data flow with instant reporting and performance analysis.

You can watch our promotional video to get general information about Solarify's features;

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Today, I would like to talk about how you can easily and effectively monitor and manage your solar power plants with different features in Solarify.

You can easily access summarized crucial information such as the performance ratio and availability of the power plant, the amount of radiation falling on the field, via the detail page, the color chart of the production performance of the inverters or strings via the heatmap page.

We gathered all the graphs of the inverter data in one page.

Beyond a monitoring system, Solarify also simplifies solar asset management. You can manage the actions to be taken about the power plant via the ticketing page, and you can access the reports created by Solarify as a result of the actions taken quickly and easily.

You can create analysis graphs with every data collected from solar power plants in daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

Solarify, using artificial intelligence algorithms in its structure, predictively calculates the energy which should have been produced by using the data of the power plant in the past period.

You can download every data of your power plant to your computer, tablet or phone via the export page.

You can create a new equation, create calculations and create new terms by using all data of your plant on the terms page.

You can create graphs on the analysis page using the terms created.

You can save any chart you have created on the analysis page and quickly view it in the pages section.

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Solarify; artificial intelligence-based performance analysis and business management platform