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07 AUG 2023 / Author: Ecem Diker
Solarify LIMITED: Boosting Efficiency for EPC Companies

When it comes to renewable energy production, solar power plants are among the first names that come to mind. Increasing the efficiency and reducing the operational costs of these plants are crucial for the widespread adoption of renewable energy. In this regard, Solarify's Limited business model presents an excellent solution for EPC companies.

Solarify is an AI-powered remote monitoring and asset management system designed for solar power plants. Through AI-based algorithms and hardware components, this system can continuously monitor the performance of these plants. Moreover, it extends its support to maintenance, operations, and stock management. By consolidating their entire portfolio into a single portal for monitoring and management, Solarify empowers EPC firms to oversee their operational processes with heightened efficiency. The hardware versatility of Solarify enables compatibility with all devices, thus eliminating dependence on specific brands and enabling the utilization of distinctive features in various scenarios, such as Zero Feed-in and PPC.

Our Limited business model offers a lifetime free monitoring system for EPC services firms. This model provides the opportunity to monitor plants using Solarify's Premium package for 2 years starting from project delivery. At the end of this period, the system automatically transitions to the "LIMITED" features. If the user prefers to continue with the "LIMITED" features, they can do so without any charges. Users who choose not to continue with the "LIMITED" features can update their payment plan to access Premium privileges.

This model offers advantages such as cost savings, efficient maintenance services, commissioning without stock issues, and the ability to use features in different scenarios. All these factors contribute to making EPC companies more efficient in their operations and better in serving their customers. This way, Solarify presents a smarter and more sustainable approach to monitoring solar power plants.

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