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13 MAY 2019 / Author: Solarify
Solarify Product Updates! (2019)

Our Mobile Applications are Online!

We will regularly share the improvements made to Solarify today.

One of our key milestones is our mobile apps Apple Store and Android Play! 🎉


  • IOS & Android applications are online.
  • The design of our alert emails has been improved and the content has been enriched.
  • Alert algorithm has been improved to prevent false warnings.
  • Backward term calculation performance is improved.
  • Fixed UI error in user-defined alert configuration
  • Solarlog data logger data problem is solved.
  • Solved the problem of incorrect calculation in term usage.

Solarify Accepted to Limak Energy TEA Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program

We would like to share the good news we received today with the work we have done during the past week.

Launched in 2017 by Limak Energy, Türkiye’nin Enerji Akademisi (TEA) have been accepted into the innovation program! 🎉


  • Data export page has been added. You can download inverter, meter, sensor and defined term data in 5 minute resolution in CSV format in desired time interval, save the template you have prepared and then use it again.
  • User defined graphics page has been added. You can gather the general production graph of the power plants in your portfolio and inverter heat map on one page and place them as you wish.
  • Mobile alerts as a notification feature has been added to our mobile applications.
  • 4 different user authorization groups have been added: Administrator, Technician, Monitor and Investor.
  • In order to avoid crowds of e-mails for system alerts that may come from the data logger, the system has been developed to combine and send alerts in a single e-mail. The same system applies to our mobile notifications.
  • Performance improvement has been made in inverter heat map page.
  • Dynamic color annotation is added to the energy production graph.
  • While calculating the total installed power in the facility details page in the mobile application, the problem of including the power of virtual facilities has been solved.

Our Medium Voltage Page is Online!

We are continuing our preparations for the launch at the Solarex fair.

In addition, we have updated our website, you can access detailed information about Solarify.


  • We have added the medium voltage meter page where we can receive data via RTU (Wago, ABB, etc.). In this page, you can observe current and voltage harmonics, reactive, active and apparent powers, meter information and alarm according to the conditions.
  • We have added the medium voltage digital inputs page. In this page you can see the cell and station information, you can set the alarm according to the desired conditions.
  • Our system for Solar-log data logger is now compatible.
  • We have successfully tested the actual availability calculation and put it into use in our live systems.

You can access our blog post on the subject.

  • We have added the term preview and help page, which will provide convenience for writing terms.
  • We have made the switchboard list page more useful.
  • In the device listing page, we have detailed the settings of the inverter and strings. This eliminates configuration differences and the complexity of different types of panels and inverters.
  • We have corrected the Turkish character problem of the file created on the export page.
  • In the Turkish language option, the new export button on the registered export page did not fit your interest, so we have corrected it.
  • We have corrected the translation problem on the data logger insertion page.
  • The user was not asked when deleting the inverter comparison alarm rule, we have corrected it.

See You at Solarex!

We invite you to our booth at the 12th Solarex Istanbul International Solar Energy and Technologies Fair, Hall: 10 No: A16, where we will introduce Solarify's artificial intelligence-based analysis module.


  • The analysis page with Solarify artificial intelligence is out of the testing phase. You can examine the results in 2 different graphs on our analysis page. This feature completes the learning with real data over the real exchange and predicts what your exchange should produce under current conditions with an accuracy of 97%.
  • In addition, Solarify, module (Inverter and string currents, if any) based on your plant learns, makes comparisons with high accuracy. According to these comparisons, it generates alarms in a very precise way. This minimizes the need for power-based thermal imaging and I-V curve measurement!
  • We have added an inverter efficiency graph which can monitor inverter performance. According to this graph, you can monitor the input point energy of the inverter and the energy at the output point and see its performance.
  • We have brought the “merge” feature, which allows you to combine different device data into a single device. In this way, we have prevented data loss in case of device name changes or identification of different devices with different names.
  • Fixed translation errors.
  • The “help” icon on the medium voltage digital inputs page has been moved.

Compatibility With Fronius Inverters!

We've added a new one to our data logger compatibility portfolio, which includes Solar-Log, blue'Log and webdyn! All Fronius Datamanager 2.0 plants can be operated with Solarify without additional devices.


  • We have added the inverter performance graph. In this way, you can measure the efficiency of the inverter and compare different inverter types.
  • We added the String Heatmap chart. Based on the normalized values ​​of string currents, this graphic allows you to quickly and easily analyze problems at a glance, especially in power plants with central inverters.
  • In data logger communication alerts, we have added options to ignore data loggers whose data are normally interrupted at night.
  • You can also access the term help screen when editing a term.
  • In order to facilitate the navigation of the detail pages of the plants, we added the switchover feature without leaving the main menu.
  • We have now added the ability to access the Devices menu without entering data loggers and filter by data logger.
  • We have improved the performance of the inverter comparison alarm menu, the menu now works much faster.
  • We have made changes to all comparison alarm menus to improve the user experience. We can now set the bulk threshold and delay time.
  • Inverter scale factor settings, if sub-station is not selected, error occurs, it is now fixed.
  • Term help screen is not working if there is no predefined term, it is now fixed.

See you at Intersolar!

We will introduce our analysis system with artificial intelligence to the world at the most important solar energy fair in Europe. See you at our booth C4.570Q.


  • We have added a customizable analysis chart page. On this page, you can create graphs for all the data of all devices in your portfolio and review them on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. On this page you can compare different power plants and different devices belonging to different power plants.
  • In order to compare inverters with different configurations (9 string vs 10 string DC), we have added "normalized grafik graphics'' feature on our inverter page.
  • In the Devices menu we have added the ability to sort devices and filter by data recorder.
  • Artificial intelligence algorithm performance changes have made changes.
  • We have added night mode to data recorder communication alert settings. This allows you to temporarily stop the control mechanism between the desired hours.
  • When pressed on the inverter screen at the quick switchover button, it also shows the inverter data of the previous switchboard, it is now fixed.
  • Inverter and string detail pages had device display error, it is now fixed.