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18 SEP 2023 / Author: Ecem Diker
Taking a Step Ahead in Energy Efficiency: OSOS Integration with Solarify and Enerify

Monitoring and controlling electricity consumption play a critical role in today's energy management. OSOS, or Automatic Meter Reading System, emerged as a groundbreaking technology in this field. This system provides a solution that allows electric distribution companies and end-users to monitor and control energy consumption.

Let's explore the key points of OSOS and the OSOS integration with Solarify and Enerify together:

First, Continuous Monitoring of Energy Data:

OSOS offers the capability to read data from electricity meters in real time at consumption points. This ensures continuous access to information about electricity consumption for distribution companies and end-users. Especially in cases where data from power plants cannot be obtained, OSOS enables uninterrupted data collection.  

Secondly, Compensation Panel and Energy Balance:

The compensation panel integrated with OSOS is crucial in enhancing energy efficiency. It is used to balance inductive and capacitive energy, minimize energy losses, and prevent grid damage. These panels produce the energy facilities needed internally, reducing the need to draw power from the grid. Additionally, OSOS ensures constant monitoring of the panel's performance to ensure the energy balance is maintained.

Moreover, Billing and Revenue Tracking:

End-users can calculate the amount of their future bills using the active energy data provided by OSOS. Likewise, electricity distribution companies can track how much energy they generate and how much they provide to the grid. This allows users to control their energy costs and enables distribution companies to monitor their revenues.

You can compare all these controls through the Solarify and Enerify platforms!

Solarify and Enerify, in conjunction with OSOS integration, create a robust energy management platform. These platforms monitor reactive penalty situations, assess compensation panel performance, display the amount of energy drawn from and supplied to the grid, and conduct energy efficiency analyses. As a result, users can optimize their energy consumption and make informed decisions about efficient energy use by comparing data.

OSOS is a significant tool that enhances energy management efficiency. When integrated with platforms like Solarify and Enerify, users can better understand energy data and control energy costs. Additionally, distribution companies can increase their revenues and minimize grid losses. The widespread adoption of such technologies holds promise for energy efficiency and sustainability, making them a promising step for the future of the energy sector. OSOS's integration elevates energy management to the next level, benefiting everyone.

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