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28 MAR 2023 / Author: Ecem Diker
The Electricity Grid Regulation in SPPs.

The Electricity Grid Regulation is a regulation that determines the rules that must be applied in our country regarding electricity transmission and distribution. In fact, this regulation applies to all sources of electricity generation, including solar power plants.

Solar power plants convert energy collected from solar panels into electrical energy and deliver it to the power grid. Therefore, according to the Electricity Grid Regulation, it is extremely important for solar power plants to be compatible with the electrical grid and ensure grid security. One of the most important issues specified in the Electricity Grid Regulation for solar power plants is to control the grid voltage and frequency. The power plants must generate electricity compatible with the grid's voltage and frequency. Otherwise, grid stability may be disrupted, and power outages may occur.

In addition, according to the Electricity Grid Regulation, the quality and safety of the equipment used in solar power plants are also important. The equipment used in the plants must comply with appropriate standards and safety regulations.

The Electricity Grid Regulation also states that permission must be obtained before solar power plants are connected to the electricity grid. The plants must pass certain tests and obtain compliance certificates before the connection is established.

One of the most important aspects of this regulation is the Article 18 Annex, which is a step that must be applied for solar power plants in our country. Annex 18 includes rules that have been determined for the safe and efficient operation of solar power plants. The main goal of these rules is to ensure the control of solar power plants. This control is crucial for the efficient and safe production of electricity in the plants.

Solar power plants can be installed in remote areas far from residential areas or places where there are not many people around due to the area they occupy. Therefore, the control and monitoring of these plants must be done remotely, as required by regulations. In addition, Annex-18 specifies that the performance of the plants must be monitored and analyzed. Therefore, performance management software is crucial for solar power plants. These software programs are used to monitor plant performance, increase efficiency, and detect errors.

Solarify, an artificial intelligence-based remote monitoring and performance management software, helps detect errors early by tracking equipment performance in solar power plants. It also increases the amount of electricity the plants produce, improving energy efficiency and reliability.

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