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30 SEP 2022 / Author: Ecem Diker
How to Manage Energy Production & Consumption ?

Enerify, our new product launched in 2022, is an energy analysis platform that provides information on energy consumption or production and facilitates efficiency analyses in all areas from hotels, offices, residences, factories, and even hybrid power plants.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence feature of Enerify, energy production, and consumption, savings, and losses are analyzed in the desired period (daily, weekly, monthly). These analyzed data are recorded by transferring them to the cloud via Loggma data loggers. Thus, it becomes possible for you to manage your energy most accurately.

Enerify provides great advantages to users in matters such as ISO 50001, 5/1.h regulation, and electricity bills, which we often hear about today.

Let's examine these advantages in the topics.

ISO 50001

With the ISO 50001 Energy Management System, the commitment to continuous improvement of energy efficiency in every field becomes mandatory, and it is the responsibility of the implementing organizations to fulfill these improvements.

In addition, within the scope of the standard, past and future energy consumption and/or potential improvement points of the organization should be determined. Thus, it is possible to improve and manage these consumption points.

One of the most important features of the ISO 50001 standard is that there are continuous improvement rules for more effective and sustainable energy, regardless of the energy type. In this way, energy analysis can be carried out effectively, and necessary improvement studies are carried out by identifying the points where energy consumption is high, energy efficiency increases, and the transition to renewable energy sources is ensured in the future.

The ISO 50001 standard, which is suitable for every organization regardless of sector, size, and geographical location, is extremely important for organizations that carry out energy-based studies or have a legal obligation for greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to the standard requirements, the use and operation of all devices are controlled, energy consumption is monitored and information about their performance is obtained. The damage to the environment is minimized by preventing energy waste, and the necessary critical steps are taken to raise public awareness and reach a clean environment by monitoring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, within the scope of Article 8-1. g. of the Regulation on Increasing Efficiency in the Use of Energy Resources and Energy under the title of Energy Management, "Monitoring of specific energy consumption, the relationship between the production of goods or services and energy consumption, energy costs, the energy intensity of the enterprise and the preparation of suggestions to improve them", Enerify monitoring, and energy analysis will become possible.


With the regulation published in the Official Gazette by EPDK on March 10, 2022, the Electricity Market License Regulation was amended. Enterprises with consumption in this context can offset their production at any point.

Our new product Enerify, which has metrics that can provide minimum loss in energy consumption and maximum gain in production, offers the convenience of tracking and managing all consumption and production data from a single point, regardless of the number of locations and facilities within the scope of 5/1.h.

Reduce Your Invoice Values

The increase in rates for natural gas by BOTAŞ were announced on September 1, 2022. The announced increase rates;

  • On average, 20.4% of natural gas used in residential buildings
  • Average 47.6% in Small and Medium Enterprises
  • 50.8% on average for natural gas used in the industry
  • An average of 49.5% of natural gas used for electricity generation

In addition to the values of renewable energy, and energy efficiency, digitalization solutions are becoming more and more important every day.

At this point, what do we offer as Loggma Digital Energy Solutions?

  • How much energy did I produce?
  • How much is my energy consumption?
  • Where should I do energy efficiency work?

We allow you to find the answer to these questions.

With Enerify, where energy monitoring, control, and management can be done at all these points, we provide an end-to-end digital solution and offer a better future with efficient energy.

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