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10 JUL 2020 / Author: Hazal Demirok
Operation Management with Solarify

Nowadays, as we feel the impact of climate change more and more, the importance and value of renewable energy are increasing at the same rate. In this context, the most important topic that should not be missed while obtaining energy from renewable energy sources is the efficient operation of the system. Renewable energy should not be considered separately from the energy efficiency title.

Today, solar energy has become one of the most common sources of renewable energy sources. In particular, solar power plants set up with PV panels pay themselves back in an average of 7.5 years. Of course, the depreciation period varies from plant to plant, the more efficient the production, the more minimal this period will be.

Operation and maintenance of the power plant are one of the most important topics for efficiency in a solar power plant whose installation has been completed and started production.

While managing the operation in the power plant, it is important to solve them in the fastest and most accurate way. Besides, focusing on subsequent operations, detecting errors, and concentrating on improvements serve the same rate of efficiency. Solarify, which is beyond a solar power plant(SPP) remote monitoring system, offers a solution at this point that facilitates operation and portfolio management, analyzes, and eliminates the chores with its "ticketing" page.

With this page, you can manage all operations from a single page, you can specify all details about the ticket. "Related objects", when the operation started, when it ended, and who solved the problem. Thanks to these titles, you can also follow the availability ratio in the operation and maintenance contracts. Then, thanks to our artificial intelligence-based system, you can get answers to questions such as how long your system lost energy, and how much the system could produce.

You can filter all the tickets opened for operation and maintenance management in the title you want (according to the status, according to the opening date, according to the responsible person, etc.) and then you can export this in excel format. In addition, with our smart reporting system, we offer you the analysis and results of all tickets opened and completed within a month in a monthly format.

For detailed information about our ticketing page, you can watch our webinar "Operation Management with Solarify in Solar Power Plants" below; (IN TURKISH)

Or, you can read our user manual from Solarify Documentation.