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Power Plant Control
01 MAY 2021 / Author: Hazal Demirok

Let's take a look at Annex-18, which has become extremely important by the Electricity Network Regulation.

100% Compatibility With Every Device In Solar Power Plants
25 MAR 2021 / Author: Ecem Diker

Solarify, compatible with all inverter brands

Solarify Product Updates! (2021)
17 MAR 2021 / Author: Hazal Demirok

Solarify Product Updates

What Is Energy Analysis?
08 SEP 2020 / Author: Hazal Demirok

Our Co-founder Mustafa Ozan Tuncan was a guest on Enerji Analizi youtube channel.

Is Everything Okay In Your Solar Power Plant?
07 SEP 2020 / Author: Mustafa Ozan Tuncan

How do we find out if a solar power plant produces as much energy as it can, and if its operation is done well?

Frontend & Mobile Developer
05 AUG 2020 / Author: Erkin Çakar

Loggma is looking for a talented Frontend Developer to join our young and skilled team.

Operation Management With Solarify
10 JUL 2020 / Author: Hazal Demirok

In this article, we examine how you can manage your power plant with Solarify.

Solarify Product Updates! (2020)
01 JUL 2020 / Author: Hazal Demirok

Solarify Product Updates

Importance Of Communication Infrastructure In Solar Power Plant Monitoring Systems
01 JUL 2020 / Author: Refik Günaydın

What are the applications that need to be done in order to create an accurate SPP monitoring metric?

Solarify; An Artificial Intelligence-Based Performance Monitoring Platform For Solar Power Plants
08 JUN 2020 / Author: Refik Günaydın

What is Solarify?