It is the page where the name, address, interface, model and serial number of all devices connected to the data logger are listed. Devices-inverter

  • Each device can be named here also devices can be deleted from the system or new devices can be added from options.

    • Edit Edit: Device name, manufacturer, model and serial number information can be entered by using the edit button at the same level of each device. This information will also be updated automatically via

If new devices have been connected to the data logger, add button at the top right of each device page is used.

For RTU Connection; Add inverter

For TCP Connection; add inverter

  • First, the device model and connection type* are selected, then the scan is started by entering the necessary communication information. When the process ends, new devices are listed on the same page.

*For Digital Input, PIN information is entered instead of connection type.

Note: If you cannot find the model of the devices connected to the data logger in the list, contact us via the support page at