The page that you can customize according to your own request.

You can create the graphics, comparisons you want from the analysis page, or you can add the graphics such as the production map already in the system and watch them from a single page.

For instance; Pages Example

Attention: Tabs created on this page can only be observed by the created account.

Tabs and Add Container


The tab is created by giving the desired name from the Manage tabs button.

Manage Tabs

After the tab is created, a button appears in the middle to create a container.

Empty Tab

Click the add container button.

Add Container

Here, stations and station constant container or graph that created in the analysis are selected and click on the add button.

Pages Analysis

  • One or more tabs and container can be added.
  • You can switch between created tabs with the left and right keys of the keyboard.
  • You can change the size of the boxes that you add by holding the bottom right corner.
  • By holding the dark line with the name of the boxes, you can position them anywhere on the page.