It is the page where alarms are listed. On this page, past and active alarms can be listed, searched and filtered, and exported.

Alarms are installed and activated from the alarm settings page according to the user request. Alarms can be set and rules can be added in many topics such as communication, production and accessibility. When the conditions specified in these rules occur, the system gives an alarm. While creating an alarm on the alarm settings page, the people who you have specified as an alarm contact will also receive notification via email.


a) Export

Exports the alarms listed.

After listing the alarms you want by searching or filtering method, click on the export button.

Exports the alarms you list in .xlsx format.

b) Filter by state

by state

c) Filter by severity

by severity

d) Filter by type

by type

e) Filter by date

by date

Desired date range can be selected.

date range

g) List

The Listing button lists the alarms according to the selected features.

Alarm Detail

Screen that displays the necessary details according to the alarm type. When an alarm is clicked, the detail page for that alarm opens.

Alarm Detail