It is the page where you view the earnings, production, performance ratio and radiation values of the station on a daily basis and cumulatively.

  • You can view the data of different dates with the arrows to the left and right of the section with the current date.

Note: If there is no device in the station where radiation data can be obtained, performance ratio and radiation value will not be displayed.


  • You can view the production page in daily, monthly or yearly format by clicking the date button.


Monthly Production

  • You can remove any one that you want from the graph by clicking the power (kW) or radiation (W / m²) buttons below the graph.

  • By clicking on the lines in the graph, you can view the data in small periods.

    • on the daily production chart -> in minutes
    • on the monthly production chart -> on a daily basis
    • on the annual production chart -> on a monthly basis

Note: Technician accounts include environmental contribution value instead of earnings value. Enviroment